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If you have a leg length discrepancy, foot deformity, or are diabetic, count on the certified pedorthists at Gagnon's Shoe Repair to take accurate measurements and help you find the right shoes for your needs.


Orthotics are inserted into your regular shoes or special shoes to accommodate your unique needs. You'll find that we carry orthopedic inserts and shoes from Spenco, Pedag, Drew, PW Minor, Dr. Comfort, and Advance Sole Products. Call us now to learn more today!

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Diabetic shoes allow proper blood flow to and from your foot. Visit us to check out the available diabetes-special shoes for you to choose from.


If you have leg length discrepancies, you may need to have a riser installed at the bottom of your shoe. Risers can be accommodated on any shoe, including sports shoes, boots, work shoes, or dress shoes. Measuring is often completed by your doctor who then writes a prescription for a shoe riser.

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